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An actor, director and award-winning sound designer living in Los Angeles. This is my website... duh.


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The one where I sit in the corner and think about what I’ve done

So my friend Trevor Algatt — one of the creators/hosts of the awesome Inside Acting podcast which every actor and their mom should be listening to — asked me to share some tips for folks since I’ve been having what could be seen as some success with the audiobook narration portion of my career. After a […]

RELEASED: “Dirty Pickup Lines”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my next audiobook is now out in the world and available for sale! “Dirty Pickup Lines” is a collection of… well, the title says it all, doesn’t it? NSFW. If you like your audiobooks short and sweet, this will serve your needs!* You can pick up a copy of the audiobook […]